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Science Career Development (Micro-credential)
This programme has been approved by NZQA. Funding by the Tertiary Education Commission is pending. Please click here and complete the form you are taken to, to be notified of the details of confirmed offerings of this programme once funding is approved.
This programme can be taken from anywhere in New Zealand with our distance delivery which participants say is more personal than much in-person delivery.
Who for
This programme is primarily for people who have a science qualification, but have not yet had a science job.
Indicative content
  • professional expectations
  • taking care of yourself
  • dilemmas
  • planning a career
  • keeping flexibility while not being aimless
  • overview of getting a science job
  • CV crafting
  • finding opportunities
  • covering letter crafting
  • referees
  • interviewing
    • strategy
    • questions for which ready-made answers should be planned
    • researching for the interview
    • making it a two-way exploration (carefully)
    • things to ask, and things not to ask
    • post-interview communications
    • post-offer communications
  • employment contracts
Learning outcome(s)

People successfully completing this programme will be able to...

...find appropriate science-based job opportunities, prepare high quality application materials, and properly prepare for an interview for a science-based job. professional expectations in a science-based job.

...make personalised plans for a science-based career.

Assessment types

For an explanation about the nature of the following assessments please click here.

Written assignment

Verbal follow-up



Entry requirements
  • a science (or related) tertiary qualification,

  • a science-based job has not been obtained or evidence that module 1 (Applicant Skills for Science-Based Employment) is likely to substantially benefit the applicant,

  • demonstration of understanding of the micro-credential, and general suitability for the study through Real World Education's pre-entry process.

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